Experience of carboxytherapy in conservative treatment of Peyronie’s disease
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Fabrizio Muzi, Gaetano Tati, Daniele D’Andria, Giampaolo Delicato, Giulio Baffigo, Edoardo Tartaglia, Francesco Corvese, Stefano Signore, Alessandro Perla, Giuseppe Montagna

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Carboxytherapy refers to the administration of CO2 for therapeutic purpose and can be employed as conservative treatment for Peyronie’s disease (PD). Fifteen patients, aged 40 to 60 years old, affected by PD at least since 1 year were treated with  500cc of sterile medical CO2 once a week  for 10-15 applications injected with a dedicated medical device in suprapubic subcutaneous tissue. All patients reported a subjective improvement of erection and in 4 cases the reduction of plaque size. Side effects were minimal and resolved quickly, and included mild pain at the injection site and self-limiting bruising of the tissues. Preliminary qualitative and quantitative results could encourage an extended experimentation of carboxytherapy in PD conservative treatment


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